Della Ceca's produces handmade windows Wood, Wood / Aluminum, PVC, Fiber Composite.
These materials are able to fully meet the expectations of customers; reach thermal and acoustic insulation of relief, as they are made with selected materials and top quality.
Our windows are customizable in the forms, the accessories and the finishes, such as the current customer prefers; are realizable in various thicknesses in order to obtain a more or less high thermal insulation and a high degree of safety to burglary.
Our wooden windows are low maintenance and are environmentally friendly because they are painted with modern water-based paints.
Another exception is made for the production of our windows Wood / Aluminium, pride of our production windows. The windows in Wood / Aluminium have the characteristic to combine the high thermal insulation of a typical wooden window, the longevity of the aluminum on the outer side as such material does not require, in time, to be repainted.
Our production also extends to PVC windows and the Fiber Composite, durable materials and also they do not need to be repainted. In all our windows makes possible the application of a mosquito net, also disappeared leaving only to view the fabric of the mosquito net itself. Visiting our Show-Room, you can have all the information, our specialized staff will advise the best solution to your needs.