February 2018


Protect your loved ones and your home now you can!
The security against break-ins is now much more within our reach, together with our partner AGB, a leading brand in the production of burglar-proof hardware for doors and windows, we make for you windows that guarantee optimal security against break-ins at the expense of your homes .
Ask us for information on this, we will advise you on the best solution for your needs.

The BIO on your windows

​“Biologico”, più comunemente chiamato “Bio” è un termine molto in voga nella nostra quotidianità, non riguarda solo il settore agroalimentare, il mondo dell’edilizia e delle costruzioni è sempre più sensibile a queste tematiche.
L’ambiente che ci circonda è quanto di più prezioso che abbiamo e che dobbiamo proteggere responsabilmente.
Rifiniamo i Vostri infissi con questa nuova famiglia di prodotti vernicianti, realizzati  con materie prime rinnovabili derivate da sostanze  vegetali “di scarto” non competitive con l’alimentazione umana; quindi orientate nei principi di […]

When ideas take shape..

“Here there will be a piece of furniture, on this other side we will put the bed …”
How many times has a similar situation happened within the new, smaller and smaller houses?
This is an idea that came to us in the design office for one of our clients with real problems of space in his three-room apartment.
When working fun ..

Style, design and security

Being able to combine style, design and security against burglaries is an increasingly difficult topic.
With our security doors we can offer you the right balance between these three components, style and
design blend perfectly with contemporary shapes; security, intended as a deterrent and
resistance to burglary we can get it with the latest findings that a market always in turmoil offers us.
Contact us to find out more, surely we will find a solution to your problems.

January 2018

Why replace your old windows?

First of all we improve THERMAL TRANSMITTANCE
It happens frequently when we do check-ins in the homes of those who contact us:
“Why should I replace the old windows? the wood is perfectly integrative after more than forty years! ”
Certainly it is intact if in time it has been properly maintained, what is no longer appropriate will be the thermal insulation, due to the workings of the […]

Thermo-Energy window

The security and tranquility of a rugged window with contemporary design.

Thermo-Energy, the name of this frame has a greater strength than traditional windows, as it is made with quality wood and worked with skill and competence by our carpenters. Fine finishes and hardware corrosion supplied complete this fixture with exceptional characteristics. Thermal transmittance of the node (Uf 1.3 W/m2°K) allows to have an excellent thermal insulation value and a considerable noise reduction and customizable according to your needs. Like […]

New window “Zero”

How to earn up to 20% more light inside of your living spaces.
With the new “Zero” window is now possible, exquisite design with innovative designs mean a new concept of frame with very high thermal and acoustic insulation, for a much higher level of comfort. Contact us for information about this, qualified staff will advise you and indicate the best solution for using this new frame, even without homework.

Anti-corrosion hardware

Since June 2013, Della Ceca’s Fixtures has been using its new windows for a new type of hardware…

with the most efficient anti-burglary characteristics,
and a new anti-corrosion treatment 15 YEAR GUARANTEE with 4 layers of steel protection; (class 5 of corrosion resistance EN 1670- EN ISO 9227) with high resistance to rust and salt mists.
Especially suitable hardware in areas close to the sea or in areas with galvanic currents.
Another prestigious feature to add to the already high quality […]